Insomnium – Winter’s Gate

Insomnium’s new album “Winter’s Gate” is definitely an impressive ambitious project that features one epic 40-minute song composed around an award-winning short story written by the band’s vocalist & bassist Niilo Sevänen. In terms of songwriting the band’s signature melodic death metal definitely has a dominant presence and has grown to reach a high level of maturity. The album also showcases a great inspiring musical variety pleasantly enhanced by highly atmospheric nuances that successfully offer the ideal soundscape for an enchanting Scandinavian fable. The icy cold melodies featuring vibrant guitar solos, lovely whimsical acoustic moments, fascinating classical piano pieces and elegantly majestic keyboards arrangements created by Aleksi Munter of Swallow The Sun never fail to deliver a dreamy melancholy that could easily conquer the listener’s heart. In true Nordic fashion Niilo Sevänen always delivers the right amount of enraging growls, often with a touch of traditional black metal style, to fit the heavier and faster primordial rhythmic sections or the doomish slow paced melodic gloom. There are no clear musical boundaries or abrupt style changes as all the instruments work together to achieve a kaleidoscopic musical palette.

“Winter’s Gate” would be best savored and appreciated as a whole piece of music if the listeners find the opportunity or the time to immerse into its darkened magical depth without hesitations.

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