Dark Tranquillity – Construct

A new Dark Tranquillity’s release always comes with a great deal of excitement. In the case of “Construct”, all expectations and wishes are definitely fulfilled as this album is a perfectly balanced masterpiece. “Construct” can easily satisfy any type of audience as it includes loads of melancholic melodies skillfully blended with the aggressive attitude of the renowned Gothenburg style metal. Dark Tranquillity confirms its pioneer status and also reinvents its own music style rather than simply recycling it as many other bands do.

“For Broken Words” will easily become a favorite with its addictive mix of disillusion and resentment. The guitars’ sound couldn’t be more perfect with such an icy delivery and dynamic strength. I’m particularly fond of the slow gloomy breakdown in which the guitar’s melody gracefully glides over the keyboards’ passages.

“The Science Of Noise” is an high impact guitar driven track with a very memorable chorus. The faster and angrier rhythm full of tight guitar riffing is very dominant but there is still space for a good dose of charming dark melodies. In this deceitful chaotic rhythm, the lead guitar work shines for the highly creative details.

“Uniformity” is probably the saddest song of the album. The guitar and keyboards melodies are beautifully written in a deeply dramatic fashion.  It’s so easy to fall in love Mikael Stanne’s clean vocals full of passionate demise and decadent romanticism to the point that simply defining his performance impeccable would not be fair.

“The Silence In Between” still holds that breathtaking dismal depth in the elegant melodic breakdown. Yet, the rhythm is faster and more aggressive with tempestuous drums and a rampant series of crispy metallic guitar riffs.

“Apathetic” delivers a blast of pure energy through traditional heavy guitar riffs without the need of an extremely aggressive music core. Among the fierce growls and swift drumming, there is a lingering dark mood deliciously enhanced by vivid arpeggios.

“What Only You Know” has an irresistible melodic core built with a super clean guitar sound and highly atmospheric keyboards.  The catchy, almost blissful, opening guitar riff might mislead the listeners. In reality, this is another intensely melancholic song as clearly showcased by the slower graceful tempo and the sorrowful clean vocals.

“State Of Trust” is another friendly tune that revolves around the loveable fusion between the primordial wrath of metal and the grace of melodic arpeggios. This charismatic ensemble is further enriched by poetic ambiance keyboards arrangements and Stanne’s delightful clean vocals.

“None Becoming” has a distinctive hypnotizing gothic tinge. The atmospheric and ethereal keyboards layers successfully generate a realm of asphyxiating sense of defeat while the guitars deliberately bring illuminating harmonies.

“Construct” tends to favor Dark Tranquillity’s darkest melodic feature but it also offers a wide musical variety. The palpable passion behind the creation of each and every song is one of the many reasons why you must listen to this album.



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