Truckfighters – V

Swedish fuzz rockers Truckfighters release their fifth album “V” just in time to celebrate the band’s 15th anniversary. With a dominant mature stoner rock style, “V” feels like a relaxed trip through a friendly desert kicking in the fuzz pedal without any hesitation.

“Calm Before The Storm” delivers flashy psychedelic vibes in a dusty rock atmosphere and quite laid back rhythm. Slow paced guitar melodies embody a melancholic tranquility abruptly interrupted by faster fuzzy grooves.

“Hawkshaw” starts right away with a heavily bass driven groove that fades naturally into a slower calm, almost dreamy, melodic core. There is a bittersweet contrast between the smooth vocals and the crescendo of full blown fuzzy guitar riffs.

“The 1” focuses on a bold heavier rhythm with occasional psychedelic accents. Prominent bass lines and relentless energetic guitar riffs keep a steady thick groove emphasized by a super dizzy guitar solo.

“Fiend” has a dynamic desert rock rhythm with a catchy chorus and crispy guitar riffs that build up nicely to deliver a healthy stoner rock jam session.

“V” might not be a stoner rock masterpiece but it will please all the fuzz lovers around and certainly brings some promising bright ideas that one day could evolve into something shiny and beautiful.

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