Ashes Of My Regrets – Caricatures

New Jersey metalcore band Ashes Of My Regrets has released a new EP entitled “Caricatures” which features a trendy metalcore style spiced up with creative electronic accents.

“Incorruptible” blends a strong metalcore rhythm with interesting modern electro moments and sincere clean vocals that break down the noisy guitar riffing.

“Fooled Me Twice, Now Pay The Price” again relies on a guitar driven metalcore theme but the most appealing elements reside in the somber atmospheric arrangements that keep an easy melodic flow.

“Daydreams” features a quite aggressive approach with chaotic heavy guitar riffing and unrestrained screams but it also delivers some pleasant melodic passages with atmospheric electro elements that make the whole song more entertaining.

Overall, with “Caricatures” Ashes Of My Regrets showcases a genuine passion for music and scattered bright ideas that one day could evolve into a solid work of music.

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