Testament – Brotherhood Of The Snake

Legendary Bay Area quintet Testament returns with the brand new full length “Brotherhood Of The Snake” featuring heavy majestic songwriting that never fails to summon the band’s unmistakable signature style.

The title track features a powerful healthy thrash groove built with great bass dynamics and crunchy guitar riffs. The chorus is highly addictive with a vintage attitude and effortlessly complements the energetic music core which is further embellished by memorable guitar solos.

“The Pale King” doesn’t disappoint with a somber blasting dose of perfectly calibrated bass and drums. Eric Peterson and Alex Skolnick deliver indisputably charming guitar work that will conquer any listener while Chuck Billy’s vocals shift smoothly from ravenous grasps to a more melodic catchy chorus.

“Stronghold” will be easily remembered for its venomous groovy chorus and the relentless guitar driven groove that would please any wild headbanger. Again the guitar work is as impressive as expected featuring a generous dose of beloved full blown shredding while the rhythm section evokes some nostalgic thrash elements.

On “Seven Seals” the unforgotten glory of thrash metal is again channeled and celebrated but feels absolutely relevant. Skolnick continues to add savory guitar accents conveying a highly melodic theme that, supported by a crispy rhythmic section, reaches its expected acme in the super catchy chorus.

“Neptune’s Spear” flows with an uncompromised thrash groove filled with genuine melodic elements and the true highlights can be easily found in the intoxicating dynamic guitar work featuring a stunning neoclassical influenced guitar solo.

“The Number Game” has a cinematic approach delivering a great range of crunching guitar riffs well supported by a super energetic bass and drums combo in proper thrash fashion. Billy’s enraged vocals keep that intense energy alive without any hesitation and another grandiose round of virtuoso style guitar solos will inevitably steal the scene.

With “Brotherhood Of The Snake” Testament returns in excellent shape and stays true to the infamous Bay Area thrash legacy but also delivers a refreshing creative energy that reconfirms the band’s seminal status in the metal scene.

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