T.O.M.B – Fury Nocturnus

Pennsylvania-based blackened noise occultists T.O.M.B has released a brand new album entitled “Fury Nocturnus” which consists of a collection of cryptic hypnotic tracks with remarkable ambiance, black metal and industrial influences. It’s difficult to categorize T.O.M.B’s musical direction which certainly showcases a deep fascination for the occult and the obscure and far from being a radio friendly album “Fury Nocturnus” will certainly intimidate and confuse the average listeners.

“Awake” confirms that you will not find traditionally structured songs on this album. The noise reigns and persists without any melody to guide you through an exasperating atmosphere.

“Darkness” has an extremely obscure sound filled with monochromatic noise effects and desperate screams.

In “Glorious Triumphant” some industrial elements become somewhat recognizable and there is a faint sense of rhythm.

“Belial” continues this bizarre sound experimentation but you can almost distinguish the ghastly presence of what used to be called melody in the distance.

“Ignite The Torch Again” brings to life raw elements of old school black metal but it still feels like a ritualistic experiment that cannot be fully comprehended.

“Oblivion Dawn” continues to portray a peculiar noisy soundscape with some doom influenced guitars in the background.

The title track features confusing chants that evoke ancient occult rituals with a strong sense of desolation and a heavily sinister atmosphere.

Due to its peculiar enigmatic nature “Fury Nocturnus” might appeal only to a restricted underground audience.

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