Hammerfall – Built To Last

Mighty Swedish metallers Hammerfall return with the latest release “Built To Last” which promises to deliver a straight forward collection of songs in proper classic metal style.

“Bring It!” is filled with loads of traditional guitar riffing that build the usual mid tempo groove while rocker style vocals with the perfect amount of high pitch vibrato and pompous chorus conveying glorious warriors lifestyle.

“Hammer High” follows the same epic theme with even more warrior style chorus/chants followed by a consistent melodic catchy rhythm with a generous dose of power metal style energy and the melodic clarity of the guitar solos.

“The Sacred Vow” starts with a rather sad acoustic moment but soon the rhythm gains speed and acquires the expected power metal triumphant tone that reaches its natural acme in a flamboyant guitar solo.

The title track contains all the beloved classic metal features that one can possibly imagine. Besides a highly melodic core with polished guitar riffs, luminous shredding solo and passionate soft breakdown, there is the expected redundant catchy chorus that evokes the usual battlefield and forgotten legendary glory.

“Second To None” features some ballad style sentimental keyboards arrangements with baroque accents and an emotional atmosphere but there is also space to show great musicianship with a charismatic and more modern guitar solo.

“Built To Last” is all about steel and glory without any astonishingly original elements, therefore it would mainly appeal to a specific devoted classic melodic metal crowd.

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