Ranger – Speed & Violence

Finnish speed metal band Ranger delivers a new full length entitled “Speed & Violence” that showcases no frills and no special effects traditional 80s music themes as you can tell immediately from the album artwork.

The title track is all about leather and speed, and certainly violence, and it definitely represents the entire album’s mood. So you have the fast upbeat drumming, some classic guitar riffs followed by a fancy guitar solo and loads of high pitch vocals.

“Without Warning” has the same attitude and a similar rhythm as Ranger is not really trying to impress anybody but instead is just staying true to the chosen music pathway. Overall, this is a catchy track with tight guitar riffs and every instrument is characterized by a true classic metal sound.

“Satanic Panic” sounds fun with all kinds of catchy guitar riffs and drum beats in proper old school fashion. Besides the expected headbangers’ style relentless groove there are also nice guitar solos that spice up the classic music recipe.

“Night Slasher” has a good heavy rhythm but we all heard it before so it makes sense only if you’re feeling nostalgic. As the guitar riffs proceed relentlessly to keep the groove going all those high pitch screams become overwhelming but a well executed guitar solo provides a breathable break.

In the end “Speed & Violence” does not offer innovative or astonishingly creative music elements as it rather feels just like paying homage to old school famous bands, therefore it would be appreciated only by a specific speed metal fanbase.

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