Baptism – V: The Devil’s Fire

Finnish black metal masters Baptism finally return to the scene with the new blistering full length “V: The Devil’s Fire” which feels like a genuine collection of proper black metal anthems.

Featuring traditional black metal songwriting style “Satananda” has plenty of fury with blackened tight guitar riffs and heavy structured drumming that keep a relentless breathless groove with sparse melodic accents.

“The Sacrament Of Blood & Ash” shines for some enticing darkened melodic moments where Baptism create a gloomy emotional palette with clean vocals elegantly performed by Mikko Kotamäki of Swallow The Sun and dramatic guitar harmonies without sacrificing a traditional heavy rhythm.

“Devil’s Fire” is more straightforward with a dense dark groove filled of icy cold guitar riffs and fast drums, yet a delightful guitar solo adds melodic depth to the fast raw rhythm.

“Malignant Shadows” features a wintry atmosphere with slower heavy guitar riffs in gothic doom fashion but the majority of the song relies on a familiar black metal tormented fast groove.

Overall, “V: The Devil’s Fire” is a pleasantly cohesive work of music even if it doesn’t add particularly creative elements to the beloved iconic black metal style that Baptism faithfully portrays.

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