Circle Of Dust – Machines Of Our Disgrace

After almost 20 years hiatus industrial pioneer Circle Of Dust returns with an exciting science fiction themed full length album entitled “Machines Of Our Disgrace” and if you are familiar with artist/producer Klayton and his successful Celldweller project this new album will certainly grab your attention.

The title track is highly influenced by 90s style industrial metal with integrated sampled sound clips, programmed drums and a corrosive array of classic metal guitar riffs that create a seemingly chaotic groove.

“Contagion” has a dominant guitar driven crunchy music core with catchy riffs skillfully embellished by electronic beats in dance floor fashion.

“Embracing Entropy” might showcase familiar electro beats with a danceable synthetic rhythm but the music core mainly relies on simple easy to remember melodies.

“Humanarchy” features a faster heavy industrial metal approach with loads of distorted guitars, dense electronic effects and angry growls/screams while the chorus holds a catchy melodic vibe.

“Alt_Human” has a distinctive cyber approach with the addition of typical industrial elements such as loud guitar riffs that build a modern catchy groove.

“Malacandra” is an enigmatic instrumental track with a dystopian futuristic vibe where electronic effects and clean melodies are smoothly blended to produce introspective ambience harmonies.

A relevant and cohesive industrial electro mix with cool cinematic cyber accents makes “Machines Of Our Disgrace” an entertaining album which reconfirms Klayton’s artistic identity and unstoppable creative force.


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