Suicide Silence – Suicide Silence

American deathcore act Suicide Silence returns with an ambitious self titled album in which the bands decides to experiment and explore new musical depths in order to deliver a more interesting work of music.

“Doris” packs aggressive tight guitar riffs that recall primordial metal roots and create a sort of structured chaos where scattered nu metal elements jump in the mix to add random dissonant accents.

“Silence” is all about chaotic feelings that need to be released to find a necessary balance as narcotizing slow guitar passages create a contrast with nervously caustic riffs and screams.

“Dying In A Red Room” is charged with anxiety and anguish deeply and inevitably embedded in the slower rhythm. The whole song recalls Deftones’s music style as whispered emotional vocals linger over discordant riffs and melodies stuck in an oppressive distorted reality.

“Conformity” is filled with desperate melancholy portrayed by soft guitar chords and mellow vocals. The melodic aspects of this song create an introvert mood rather than trying to channel some healthy groove and when guitars acquire a distorted energy everything remains trapped in a foggy confusion.

Suicide Silence’s self titled album is a raw chaotic music realm that attempts an avant-garde approach with atypical melodic features, and supposedly a change in musical direction that has generated turmoil among the fans, therefore it might appeal mainly to a specific underground audience.

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