Vipassi – Sunyata

Featuring members of critically acclaimed Australian band Ne Obliviscaris, technical band Vipassi has released a compelling debut album entitled “Sunyata” which focuses on a rich instrumental progressive metal influenced work of music.

“Gaia” is surrounded by a subtle mysterious atmosphere that effortlessly embraces a series of complex guitar tremolo riffs and melodic leads. There is a solid rhythmic backbone but the lead guitar work tends to become the center of attention with wild borderline aggressive riffs as well as more mellow jazzy melodies.

“Benzaiten” follows a similar scenario as heavy guitar riffing evokes extreme metal roots rendered more enthralling by meticulous tempo variations in proper prog fashion and highly ethereal introspective moments.

“Elpis” channels arcane beauty and poetic atmospheric depth while the impressive guitar work creates various intricate, yet surprisingly fluid, sonic textures. Ghastly growls in the background add a blackened mood among crushing tight guitar riffing and prog oriented melodic leads.

“Samsara” delivers decadent atmospheric accents embraced by precise staccato rhythms, powerful bass lines and incredibly rich guitar riffs that offer an abstract blend of extreme technical metal and prog signature elements.

Music connoisseurs will certainly appreciate the fancy compositions of “Sunyata” which tends to rely on similar complex patterns but easily stands out for the excellent musicianship and thorough attention for stylish details.

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