Klimt 1918 – Sentimentale Jugend

Italian band Klimt 1918 might have been silent for several years but in reality has never ceased to work on new music and now the time has come to listen to the new grandiose release “Sentimentale Jugend”. Featuring a unique blend of shoegaze, dream pop and new wave from the 80s/90s, “Sentimentale Jugend” is released as a double album that showcases an emotional collage of life experiences and genuine passion for music.

“Montecristo” has a darkly poetic soul elegantly expressed in the lush shoegaze style guitars surrounded by generous dreamy layers and softly tormented vocals.

“Comandante” begins with a somber atmosphere where charming melancholic guitar melodies seem to come to life through a series of foggy memories and faded images.

“La Notte” features reverberated guitars that build an understated catchy rhythmic crescendo while vocals and synths evoke a murky eerie atmosphere that holds a decadent poetic soul.

“Sentimentale” is filled with emotionally charged melodies, soothing vocals and deeply melancholic vibes but also loads of acidic distorted guitar riffs with a palpable post rock attitude.

A multi layered hypnotic mood on “Nostalghia” enhances a series of delicate melodies embodied by a faintly luminous guitar sound with shimmering retro accents.

“Ciudad Lineal” showcases the dreamy melancholy of shoegaze as fragile harmonies smoothly embrace whispered vocals. A darkened aura surrounds the instrumentation which has the unconscious power of daydreaming as it acquires an electrified and distorted energy.

“Sant’Angelo (The Sound And The Fury)” features fascinating atmospheric layers and melodies that create a cinematic music palette while the guitar riffs become rather blistering with subtle urgency.

“Juvenile” stands out for the rebellious vintage rock temper that provides groovy guitar driven dynamics in the midst of gracefully soulful atmospheres lingering throughout the song.

In the current music scene the magical sonic journey created by Klimt 1918 might remain an underground gem but “Sentimentale Jugend” deserves to be listened repeatedly to fully appreciate the kaleidoscopic nature and to savor its inner nostalgia.

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