Wolfheart – Tyhjyys

Finnish band Wolfheart are best known as the originators of Winter Metal and the brand new effort “Tyhjyys” stays true to such epitome with a grandiose collection of cold somber melodies and crushing guitar driven rhythms.

“Sores Of The Lake Simple” is an instrumental intro where ecnhanting acoustic guitar passages channel a melancholic mood while melodic electric guitars come to life triumphantly to celebrate the cold beauty of nature.

“Boneyard” might be filled with melodic Nordic sadness but also loads of tight fast guitar riffing well supported by a solid rhythmic section in proper melo-death fashion. Solemn choirs and ferocious growls lead a primordial sonic assault while atmospheric arrangements effortlessly embrace an elegantly melodic guitar solo followed by an ethereal breakdown.

“The Flood” stands out for its melodic wintry mix fully expressed in the emotional gloom of the acoustic guitars and graceful atmospheric layers. An unforgettable inspired melodic guitar solo evokes another nuance of bitterly cold wilderness and the whole instrumental work sinuously embodies this particularly profound sense of desolation.

“Call Of The Winter” shines for the dense emotional melodic core embellished by subtle symphonic arrangements and emphasized by mid paced gloomy guitar riffs that effortlessly give way to delicate piano melodies.

The title track depicts a bleak cinematic soundscape with sorrowful doom influenced guitar melodies and the whole instrumentation is constantly filled with an elegant forlorn beauty that reaches a natural emotive acme with a mesmerizing melodic guitar solo.

With “Tyhjyys” Wolfheart fiercely delivers a captivating soundtrack for your cold winter nights bringing together the icy fury of extreme metal and the beloved Scandinavian melancholy that will inevitably warm your hearts.

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