PH – Eternal Hayden

Finnish meta rockers PH, originally known as Mr. Peter Hayden, return with the new fourth full-length “Eternal Hayden” that celebrates the band’s musical freedom with an enigmatic mixture of post rock and ambient.

“Looking Back At Mr. Peter Hayden” is a super lengthy track that definitely sets the mood bending traditional music genres with hypnotic drone/ambient elements and offers a comprehensive summary of PH’s visionary musical pathway. Surrounded by a perennial somber mood, psychedelic guitar riffing with doom accents and dizzy ambient influenced synths generate a surreal atmosphere that will inevitably make you space out.

“We Fly High” is another trippy musical voyage meant to break any given boundaries and to lead the listeners through a cosmic hole with loads of post rock guitars drifting freely over noisy ambient layers.

“Rock And Roll Future” incorporates more dominant traditional melodic features as dreamy guitar driven melodies in post rock fashion hold the spotlight with plenty of spacey psychedelic arrangements.

“Eternal Hayden” is not exactly music for the masses as it relies on an uneasy trance style music that will engage a selected audience.

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