Hello Black Hole – In No Good Hand

Helsinki based post punk/rock band Hello Black Hole featuring Johan “Goatspeed” Snell, known as the creative force behind the cult band Beastmilk, is ready to release a 4 track EP entitled “In No Good Hand” generously packed with loads of catchy melodies.

“Tight Rope Tightens” shows some rough punk roots with a mid paced indie rock style rhythm that naturally surrounds a super catchy series of polychromatic melodies.

“Five Hundred Rocks To Throw” has a raw garage rock approach with scratchy guitar driven rhythms and slightly rebellious vocals but is also full of luminous melodies that culminates with a smooth crispy guitar solo.

“Crude Awakening” starts with charismatic bass lines followed by an overload of catchy dirty guitar riffs that nicely build a healthy rocking groove. While the post punk attitude lingers throughout the song, the melodic core conveys a rather somber mood.

“In No Good Hand” might be short but Hello Black Hole certainly delivers an entertaining groovy work of music with lovely dark accents suitable for a wide audience.

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