Ex Deo – The Immortal Wars

After a short hiatus Kataklysm’s side project Ex Deo comes back with the third full length “The Immortal Wars” on which charismatic vocalist Maurizio Iacono proudly narrates the endeavors of the great military commander Hannibal during the Punic wars.

“The Rise Of Hannibal” features dominant magnificent symphonic arrangements that convey a theatrical atmosphere while guitars and thick bass lines deliver obscurely nuanced melodies in a well constructed mid paced rhythm with subtle death metal echoes.

On “Crossing Of The Alps” the melo-death inspired guitar work acquires a more powerful role amplified by a crispy energetic rhythmic section and embellished by a captivating polished melodic guitar solo while Maurizio delivers viciously fierce growls.

“Cato Major: Carthago Delenda Est!” relies on a heavier primordial rhythmic backbone as drums and guitars acquire a more aggressive impetus surrounded by cinematic sinister symphonic orchestrations and warrior style choirs.

“The Roman” starts with solemn symphonic orchestrations conveying a tragic mood that gradually gives way to a relentless guitar driven ferocious sonic attack and enthralling shredding but the song reaches its epic acme with Maurizio’s inspiring Italian words filled with heartfelt devotion to the historic unrivaled grandeur of Roma.

With triumphant orchestrations and dramatic atmospheres “The Immortal Wars” celebrates history and glory and Ex Deo mark their return to the music scene with the expected majestic style. Ave Roma!

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