Hyborian – Volume I

Sludge stoner rockers Hyborian has released a massive guitar driven album entitled “Volume I” which is meant to deliver high impact tracks with solid heavy riffage and intriguing interstellar/fantasy oriented lyrics.

“As Above, So Below” starts as a proper spacey ride that creates a bit of suspense before introducing a series of guitar riffs as crunchy as possible.

“Blood For Blood” runs on harsh guitar riffs that relentlessly build a catchy heavy groove with wild palpable sludge/stoner elements but also occasional smoother melodic accents while mysterious spacey sounds and voice bring an enigmatic closure to the track.

“Ajna” features progressive influenced melodic guitar work but Hyborian also incorporates another solid round of heavily tick guitar riffing to create a massive groove with a savage rhythmic section.

On “Dross” a thunderous rhythm clearly calls for stomping and headbanging while lead guitars deliver crispy melodies culminating in a catchy solo followed by an outer space outro.

On “Volume I” Hyborian tends to ‘space out’ but never forget to maintain monolithic heavy grooves that will trigger the listeners’ interest and curiosity for what the band might deliver in the future.


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