1476 – Our Season Draws Near

New England based duo 1476 returns with the new full length “Our Season Draws Near” which always holds a particularly melancholic soul and showcases a promising kaleidoscopic sonic mixture involving metal, punk and folk.

“Our Silver Age” has a solitary pensive attitude relying on intimate acoustic arpeggios before delivering a generous dose of soulful guitar melodies that always maintain a minimalist atmospheric approach.

“Winter Of Winds” continues to create particularly cold atmosphere with profoundly intriguing darkened accents but also features a more radical, almost old school rebellious punk, attitude with loads of strong catchy guitar riffs and confident crispy vocals.

“Solitude (Exterior)” is filled with stylish cold nuances and poetic melodies spontaneously expressed in darkly mellow acoustic passages and inspired peaceful clean vocals.

“Odessa” feels raw and dark with somber heartfelt vocals and calm melancholic atmospheres but also offers contrasting desperate screams further amplified by crunchy distorted guitar riffing that channel again subtle punk rock roots.

“By Torchlight” still delivers some atmospheric cold layers but partially leaves behind the dominant dark soothing notes to focus on catchy guitar driven rhythmic dynamics.

1476 certainly knows how to concoct a quite enigmatic multifaceted work of music that defeats all standard boundaries and “Our Season Draws Near” successfully delivers an intricate musical blend that could become a favorite soundtrack for cold winter nights.

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