The Moon And The Nightspirit – Metanoia

Hungarian multi instrumentalist duo The Moon And The Nightspirit has released the sixth full length entitled “Metanoia” which definitely feels like a surreal melancholic fairytale with a remarkable folk soul.

“A Hajnal Köszöntése” channels a mystical pensive soundscape with elegant violins and stylish acoustic melodies while darker atmospheric elements carry a majestic spellbinding mood.

“Az Elsö Tündér Megidézése” shines for the exquisite delicate melodies which remind of an ancient lullaby with calm violins and charming instrumental passages surrounded by a sophisticated timeless melancholy.

The title track focuses on complex acoustic tapestries enhanced by elegant classical violins and delivers an intense folk melodic core with genuinely rich instrumentation further embellished by delightful vocal harmonies.

“Hen Panta Einai (Minden Egy)” delivers vibrant atmospheric textures with mysterious darkened accents achieved through eclectic instrumentation. Soothing magical chanting, delicate violins and ethereal flutes create a natural vivid sonic palette.

The inner strength of “Metanoia” resides in the poetic romanticism and spiritual aura inevitably embedded in each melody and The Moon And The Nightspirit focuses intensely on the creation of soulful harmonies that will warmly guide you through an enchanting musical journey.

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