The Charm The Fury – The Sick, Dumb & Happy

Amsterdam based metallers The Charm The Fury have released their sophomore album “The Sick, Dumb & Happy” which promises to deliver an explosive thrash/classic metal blend with timeless 80s and 90s vibes.

“Down On The Ropes” revolves around a high impact guitar driven heavy groove with additional old school thrash accents that call for stomping and headbanging while vocalist Caroline Westendorp steals the scene with intensely aggressive vocals.

“Echoes” will stand out for the insanely entertaining groove spiced up by harsh growls and thick rhythmic backbone but, depending on your music preferences, the very radio friendly polished chorus might feel out of place or too poppy to be taken seriously.

“Blood And Salt” mainly leaves behind the heavier music core, even if scattered anger drive momentums are still present, to focus on widely accessible melodies and on Westendorp’s charismatic mellow clean vocals.

“Silent Wars” puts aside any savage moshpit friendly dynamics and delivers a very traditional metal ballad with easy acoustic melodies and emotionally charged clean vocals.

“Songs Of Obscenity” offers a venomous metalcore oriented sonic assault with loads of tight guitar riffing and later gains a more traditionally melodic momentum but again Westendorp’s guttural screams seem to be more interesting than the actual instrumental work.

In the end, “The Sick, Dumb & Happy” might sound fun and entertaining with its inner particularly wide music diversity, often with a classic metal approach or a modern metalcore attitude, but it doesn’t always feel like a truly cohesive effort.

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