Pallbearer – Heartless

In the last few years progressive doom band Pallbearer has gained wider audience and critical acclaim therefore the newest effort “Heartless” comes with great curiosity and high expectations. With a dramatic melodic soul, Pallbearer aims to establish a stronger presence in the current music scene delivering a confident and mature sound.

“I Saw The End” evokes immense melancholy with stylish somber melodic guitar leads layered over doom oriented heavier riffing, grandiose gloomy guitar solos and a timeless mournful mood.

“Thorns” focuses on traditional doom heaviness that inevitably fuels crunchy rhythmic patterns and a sorrowful series of darkly catchy guitar melodies that naturally culminates in a smooth melodic guitar solo followed by an introvert atmospheric momentum.

On “Lie Of Survival” every guitar melody is covered by a shroud of desolation particularly expressed in the musical depth of calmer atmospheric harmonies as well as the emotionally charged vocals.

On the title track soaring guitar riffs are executed in perfect doom fashion to create organic rhythmic textures and once again Pallbearer masters the art of melancholy effortlessly shifting focus from moody shimmering guitar leads to dramatic atmospheres.

Pallbearer still draws inspiration from traditional monolithic doom but the band’s sound continues to evolve with a more progressive creative force and “Heartless” successfully conveys the desire to explore wider musical territories to create a unique sonic palette.

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