My Sleeping Karma – Mela Ananda – Live

Renowned German instrumental band My Sleeping Karma has released the first live record titled “Mela Ananda – Live” that will make you space out with a blissful collection of the band’s beloved hits impeccably performed on stage.

With a mystical mood “Prithvi” and “Enigma 42” are a perfect spiritual gateway filled of smooth melancholic melodies and psychedelic rock accents.

“Brahama” explores dreamlike territories with ethereal tones, “Psilocybe” offers irresistible hypnotic melodies and “Hymn 72” delivers slow burning guitar driven grooves.

“Mela Ananda” translates to “a gathering of bliss’ which is truly appropriate as with this live album My Sleeping Karma offers rich sonic textures and enchanting atmospheres that always emanate positive soulful energy. “Mela Ananda – Live” will become a cathartic musical experience for the band’s longstanding fans and will definitely gather new listeners.

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