Black Magic Six – Choose Death

Finnish bluesy rock duo Black Magic Six has released a rather playful fourth album entitled “Choose Death” full of loud and dirty rock ‘n roll anthems with tasteful retro vibes and devilish wittiness.

Black Magic Six channels an exquisitely dark humor with “Dance With Me Satan” which is all hilarious and delirious with crazy addictive gritty guitar riffs and a highly entertaining rhythmic crescendo that will get you moving.

“Shake Shake Shake” has a great rockabilly soul particularly amplified by harmonious choruses and a winning combo of melodic guitar leads and rougher riffs with a lovely vintage attitude.

“Red Cloud” becomes somber and mysterious with slow burning bluesy guitars and laid back vocals as Black Magic Six delivers again a generous dose of massive catchy melodies.

“Grease The Machine” is another “happy” wild track with raw guitar riffing and a simple yet incredibly catchy danceable groove.

“Golden Jackal” stands out for the irresistible rockabilly guitar riffs that inevitably require some dancing and stomping in order to be fully enjoyed. Raucous vocals channel a sense of rebellion but the same time there is a subtle dark veil of loneliness, acceptance for whatever misery has taken over our little lives.

“Choose Death” is a fascinating timeless piece of music that will take you through a diabolical bluesy journey so be aware that anything could and/or will happen.

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