Sawthis – Babhell

Italian quintet Sawthis proudly unleashes the newest musical effort titled “Babhell” which offers a passionate modern melodic metal hybrid with scattered chaotic extreme patterns.

“The Burning Place” showcases a straight forward musical fury focusing on a thunderous rhythmic section and raw guitar riffing but Sawthis also adds a healthy dose of melodic hooks with easy choruses and smooth guitar leads.

“This String Is For Your Neck” combines crushing riffs and intense speed to produce an enraged groove according to familiar modern metal standards while a traditional melodic solo adds a brighter mood.

On “Seabed” explosive tight guitar riffing enhances the extreme aspects of the band’s music style but, once again, trendy influences surface in the clean vocals and atmospheric themes.

“Waiting For Love” stands out particularly for the polychromatic emotive nuances where catchy melodies spontaneously evolve into super crunchy guitar driven grooves while ravenous screams and polished cleans create a good contrast.

“Never Alone” surprises with a calmer emotional atmosphere created by shimmering piano melodies and sorrowful vocals.

With “Babhell” Sawthis puts together a trendy collection of songs shifting focus from harsh rhythmic assaults to frequent radio friendly choruses but the album as a whole might still lack a unique artistic identity.

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