Ghost World – Ghost World

Finnish indie band Ghost World is proud to release the self titled debut album characterized by raw 90’s rock themes and shiny pop melodies.

On “Middle Finger Hitchhiker” galloping guitar riffs create a moderately happy rhythm amplified by a bittersweet pop oriented chorus with abrasive vocals.

“Is There Something” is filled with melancholic guitar melodies that bring more variety in the unsophisticated alt rock music core.

“(Come On) Die Happy” relies on super catchy guitar riffs and chorus and a general dazed & confused mood.

“Crazy Angel” is made of grungy daydreaming and acidic rock elements with the omnipresent no frills groovy rhythm and raspy screams.

“You Made Me Smell Your Fingers” gains heavier undertones, but also great melancholy, and the rebellious soul grows stronger with loads of screeching guitar riffs and relentless sloppy wild rhythms like it’s always time to party somewhere.

Overall, Ghost World feels more like a rebel teenage anthem rather than a mature piece of music, which is not entirely surprising for an emerging band, but a young crowd will be happy to stomp around following the band’s rough grooves.

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