Hisko Detria – Mal Du Siècle

Among bizarre/eclectic bands to check out, if you feel the need for music that fearlessly cross standard boundaries, Finnish Hisko Detria will inevitably surprise the occasional listener with the purely avant-garde album “Mal Du Siècle”.

“Vitamin E” is filled with sludgy guitars and space rock attitude that create a healthy groove but at times everything gets easily lost in the midst of an experimental galore.

“Cul De Sac/Secret Sound” has a soft approach with clean vocals and jazzy/proggy guitar work that manages to create easier traditional melodies before drifting into full blown drone.

“Sugar Hills” might start as a “normal” slow rock tune with interesting retro accents but ends up drifting away into lengthy wild music experimentations that range from jazz fusion to prog rock. Needless to say, this is not exactly a catchy song but maybe you can find19 minutes to try to embrace the instrumental/electronic chaos and intricate arrangements.

“Mal Du Siècle” is not only impossible to classify due to the overload of sonic surprises and special effects but it is also tends to be uneasy to follow and fully comprehend.


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