John Richardson – The Fold

Based in Finland, John Richardson is an experienced songwriter and university professor who decided share his music creativity in the album “The Fold”.

The title track features an elegant acoustic groove enhanced by eclectic electric guitar phrases, additional textured instrumentation and soothingly warm vocal duets.

“Birdman Of Bognor” offers dramatic intricate acoustic melodies, emotionally charged vocals and quite flamboyant folk inspired rhythms.

“Sanatorium” introduces darker atmospheric layers with compelling multi-instrumental arrangements that naturally build a slower yet powerful acoustic rhythm.

“Riptide (Three Broken Screens)” unfolds with dreamy darkened textures particularly amplified by an intensely charismatic string and brass instrumental crescendo.

“Brushfire” combines delightful cello and acoustic guitar melodies surrounded by somber undertones and poignant vocals.

With a laid back minimalist rock core and shimmering progressive elements, “The Fold” includes several pleasant moments that tend to rely on a moody melodic approach suitable for a wide audience.


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