Horte – Horte

Through echoes and surreal tones the enigmatic band/entity Horte has concocted the first anonymous and eponymous record.

“Sekvenssi” is all about dreamlike melodies lingering through multi layered atmospheres with strong shoegaze accents.

“Taajuus” offers heavily spacey undertones, calm ethereal female vocals, and fuzzy rock guitars.

On “Viimeinen Linja” brightening retro vibes surround overlapping noise layers that produce intense atmospheres and chaotic swirls.

“78” brings some familiar retro rock grooves with more dominant guitar and bass lines showcasing palpable psychedelic elements.

“Koko Kalmo Pakassa” builds a steady shroud of melancholic harmonies with occasional shimmering distortions that continuously evolve cutting through electronic haunting atmospheres.

Horte is not a traditional band that writes easy melodies suitable for a wide and variegated audience but if you enjoy spacing out through an atmospheric/drone soundscape then you might appreciate and embrace the band’s particular music style.

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