Nightbringer – Terra Damnata

American black metal act Nightbringer has unleashed a brand new brutally dark opus entitled “Terra Damnata” which fiercely explores the enigmatic depths of extreme metal.

“As Wolves Amongst Ruins” focuses on brutally fast rhythm, thick relentless guitar riffs and solemn vocals/growls but its true inner strength can be found in the intricate melodic guitar work that effortlessly embrace the atmospheric sinister orchestration.

“Misrule” continues to follow the darkest music pathway with creepy haunting classical orchestrations that seamlessly gain the spotlight in the midst of an insanely chaotic guitar driven rhythmic crescendo.

“Let Silence Be His Sacred Name” features deeply melancholic piano melodies followed by a vicious sonic attack with a scorching fast paced guitar riffing and drumming combo while melodic guitars also have a chance to create exquisite slower passages with decadent doom and gothic nuances.

“Inheritor Of A Dying World” delivers slower intricate guitar and bass dynamics that naturally craft powerfully cathartic melodies while somber vocals feel like ancient ritualistic incantations channeling highly dramatic vibes.

Instrumental track “The Lamp Of Inverse Light” immediately evokes the forlorn desolation of a pitch-black soundscape with slow and super heavy tormented melodic guitars surrounded by otherworldly atmospheric orchestrations.

Nightbringer doesn’t necessarily break music boundaries but skillfully combines traditional black metal anthems and rather compelling darkened melodies as “Terra Damnata” successfully re-confirms the band’s established status in the underground elite circles.

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