The Night Flight Orchestra – Amber Galactic

Featuring renowned Soilwork’s vocalist Björn Strid and guitarist David Andersson supergroup The Night Flight Orchestra is ready to guide you through a timeless flamboyant music/space journey with the third album “Amber Galactic”.

“Midnight Flyer” immediately channels a consistent vintage style with dominant happy & catchy synths melodies culminating in a wild 80’s inspired keyboards solo while guitars follow familiar classic rock themes with impeccable clarity.

On “Gemini” Björn Strid delivers multifaceted clean vocals with falsetto and radio friendly choruses over balanced electronic layers and a disco friendly rhythmic crescendo.

“Domino” favors a shimmering smooth 80’s rock & pop combo focusing on simplistic melodic keyboards while guitars hide in the background and are allowed to shine only to deliver brief classic melodic accents.

“Space Whisperer” offers more guitar dynamics with intense rock groove and a compelling wild guitar solo while layered keyboards continue to follow easy up-tempo melodies.

“Saturn In Velvet” carries a deep sense of nostalgia with slower melodic arrangements that soon give way to another round of danceable vibrant grooves amplified by confident dazzling vocals.

Those in the mood for classic rock with palpable 70’s and 80’s vibes will find “Amber Galactic” quite enjoyable as The Night Flight Orchestra proves to skillfully master this nostalgic music style.

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