Ajattara – Lupaus

Ajattara has been considered the most dangerous black metal band to emerge from Finland and, after a six years hiatus, the long awaited new full length “Lupaus” is ready to re-conquer the music scene with a ferocious sonic assault.

“Saatanan Sinetti” ensures great impact with relentless guitar riffing that holds the right dosage of darkened mood extremely amplified in the cathartic guitar driven breakdown.

“Suru” delivers a more melodic approach with moody gothic atmospheres and slower tempo variations enriched by intense clean vocals.

“Ave Satana” still holds traditional black metal vibes with venomous growls and subtle atmospheric darkness but also a more modern approach with catchy tight guitar riffs that build a cohesive groove.

“Uhrilahja” showcases multifaceted instrumental dynamics and the sinister chanting vocals evoke a realm of never-ending darkness even when the guitars begin to craft smoother melodies.

The title track doesn’t deviate from the album’s general mysterious mood and offers another consistent round of grave guitar riffs, thunderous drums and merciless growls surrounded by desolate melancholic atmospheric arrangements.

Finnish veterans Ajattara demonstrate to own a pure blackened creative force and “Lupaus” combines a balanced mix of melodic and primordial black metal in grandiose obscure fashion.


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