Raging Dead – When The Night Falls

Emerging Italian horror punk quartet Raging Dead has released the first full length album entitled “When The Night Falls” which revolves around rebellious grooves with some horror show style elements that remind of the legendary Italian band Death SS.

“Streets Of Rage” stays true to the title as tight enraged guitar driven rhythms packs a series of aggressive riffs amplified by scratchy furious vocals with an overall cinematic 90s horror movie theme that will continue to be quite dominant throughout the album.

The title track showcases another killer round of simple yet high impact guitar riffs and heavy bass lines but there is also a good dose of creepy melodies culminating into a pleasantly catchy chorus.

“Army Of The Restless” increases the atmospheric dark mood with slower paced rhythms, classic melodic guitar solo and scattered vintage rock accents.

“Nightstalker” features fun nightmarish grooves that channel multiple influences including glam rock while a smooth metallic guitar solo bears the melodic signature style of classic heavy metal.

“Crimson Garden” puts aside the immediate fury of wild punk dynamics to focus on a well structured crescendo of accessible darkly melodic themes and less frenetic rhythmic sections.

“When The Night Falls” doesn’t necessarily offer otherworldly music innovations nevertheless it is an absolutely and genuinely entertaining album full of super catchy rocking grooves that will make you stomp until dawn.

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