Ides Of Gemini – Women

After few line-up changes Ides Of Gemini is ready for a reinvigorated comeback to the music scene with the new full length “Women”, a collection of songs dedicated to mythological or historical women.

“Mother Kiev” features gothic nuances and mystifying atmospheres that enhance the darkened guitar riffing and the alluring vocals.

“Raft Of Medusa” delivers emotive acoustic guitar passages swiftly followed by doomy heavier riffs and catchy rhythmic sections that bear a mysterious aura.

“Swan Diver” relies on a rather memorable guitar/bass combo with heavier attitude and loads of vintage vibes as Sera Timms’s vocals guide the listeners through hazy soundscapes.

On “She Has A Secret” guest vocalist Emma Ruth Rundle delivers a rather haunting performance that adds further dark depth to the retro gothic/doom themes.

Featuring Tara Connelly of Clay Rendering “Queen Of New Orleans” feels like a hypnotic chant in the midst of an inescapable heavily darkened atmosphere amplified by recurring goth oriented guitar melodies.

Ides Of Gemini is definitely capable of creating vintage enigmatic music and while “Women” feels like a strong cohesive album with darkly enchanted accents unfortunately it often lacks charisma due to monotone vocals and repetitive music themes.

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