Fortis Amor – Fortis Amor

Guitarist/vocalist/composer/producer Ryan Duke is ready to proudly release the self titled debut album of his passionate melodic progressive metal project Fortis Amor.

Right from the start Fortis Amor showcases meticulous attention for details, a big sound and compelling songwriting variety.

“Particles” begins with elegantly melancholic acoustic guitars but soon gains intense depth with multichromatic complex guitar melodies and eclectic tempo variations in proper prog fashion.

“Holding On To Nothing” has a brief graceful acoustic intro but proceeds to combine heavier guitar riffing and luminous proggy guitar driven harmonies and solo, a duality expressed also in the contrasting vocal styles.

“Renewal” features a rather heavy sonic assault with super crunchy modern guitar riffing but the flamboyant versatility and creative force of the guitar solos will inevitably steal the spotlight and demand full attention.

“Bring This Petition To The Castle” favors prog influenced style and melodic themes as glossy guitars craft an overload of inspired harmonies while acoustic moments channel dreamlike emotional vibes.

“Outpouring” focuses on a catchy ensemble of crispy polished guitar melodies and radio friendly chorus, nevertheless the lead guitar work continues to concoct interesting and variegated passages.

Considering the amazingly multifaceted influences and intricate instrumentation is quite remarkable that, aside from few guest solos, Fortis Amor is a one man progressive project. Even if at times the modern metal approach seems too trendy and doesn’t necessarily match the fluidity of the overall musicianship this debut album will certainly impress the listeners.

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