Coltsblood – Ascending Into Shimmering Darkness

Liverpool based doom band Coltsblood proudly releases the latest dismal effort “Ascending Into Shimmering Darkness” which might be the darkest and most introvert music endeavor of the year.

The title track obviously focuses on immense ‘shimmering darkness’ as super heavy doom rhythmic layers support a series of extremely gloomy guitar melodies. Monolithic heavy guitar riffs dominate the rest of this lengthy track creating an asphyxiating soundscape with the addition of ferociously raw black metal rhythms.

“The Legend Of Abhartach” has an ominous mood with guttural growls and massive recurring heavy guitar riffs while atmospheric orchestrations conjure a sense of impenetrable obscurity.

“The Final Winter” is a funeral march, a tribute to the end of everything with painfully slow paced drums and desperate distant growls while at times cathartic minimalist guitar melodies bring a pale light that might not last long enough as the overwhelming cold desolation will inevitably conquer the world.

If you are looking for an utterly mournful and impossibly desolate soundtrack for long cold nights you might need to check out “Ascending Into Shimmering Darkness” as Coltsblood could have not sounded more depressing.

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