Ancient Ascendant – Raise The Torch

British quartet Ancient Ascendant has surprised the metal scene with a multifaceted songwriting style featuring black/death aspects as well as classic rock/metal elements and the third album “Raise The Torch” stays true to this ambitious music pathway.

“Our Way” features plenty of somber guitar melodies and leads that soon evolve into blackened riffing galore at a faster pace while venomous growls further amplify the underlying aggressive themes.

“Scaling The Gods” delivers vibrant rock dynamics with fierce unstoppable groovy guitar riffing, again the brutal growls contribute to keep alive the extreme metal sonic assault while guitars successfully craft catchy compelling melodies.

“Foreign Skies” slows down the rhythm channeling emotional vibes with well structured rich melancholic melodies that will remain the main focus even if crunchy heavier guitar riffs will occasionally step in.

“To The Cold” might evoke gloomy atmospheres but is also filled with intense guitar driven energetic grooves while a series of charismatic melodic guitar solo can be easily appreciated by a wider audience.

Despite the extensive use of furious growls and recognizable extreme metal elements, “Raise The Torch” actually holds a quite accessible melodic rock soul and focuses on an enjoyable exploration of familiar music territories.

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