Shores Of Null – Black Drapes For Tomorrow

Italian band Shores Of Null returns with the latest effort “Black Drapes For Tomorrow”, a gothic/doom oriented wistful and sorrowful collection of songs that aims to leave a memorable mark in the chaotic music scene.

“Donau” combines an ensemble of strong guitar riffs and somber melodies bearing familiar gothic accents, the rhythmic section builds a nice catchy groove particularly enriched by solemn baritone vocals.

“Tide Against Us” features emotionally charged vocals lingering over highly melodic guitars and culminating in the addictive chorus but there is also space for heavier soaring blackened riffing even if it tends to stay too much in the background.

The title track amplifies a gloomy mood again perfectly expressed by the dramatic vocals supported by a well balanced mix of soothing dark melodies and powerful guitar riffs.

“Carry On, My Tiny Hope” stands out for the overdose of elegantly darkened guitar melodies that continue to follow contemplative themes enhanced by truly strong and passionate vocal delivery effortlessly shifting from clean to intense growls.

“The Kolyma Route” showcases impressive vocal diversity and has a more aggressive approach with a cohesive thunderous crescendo of guitar riffs but still holds a pure darkened melodic soul with poignant guitar melodies that evoke feelings of despair and desolation.

An immense sense of melancholy dominates the expected doom/death metal themes of “Black Drapes For Tomorrow” and Shores Of Null certainly put a lot of effort in the songwriting for this album demonstrating their genuine commitment and passion for music.

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