Dead By April – Worlds Collide

Following line-up changes Swedish quartet Dead By April now has the renewed energy and focus necessary to deliver the fourth full length “Worlds Collide” on which the band collaborated with the international producer Ben Grosse to achieve a mature distinct sound.

“Crying Over You” opens the album with loads of entertaining catchy melodies that lead to a poppy romantic chorus while powerful screams and chunky guitar riffs are meant to channel fierce metalcore roots.

“Playing With Fire” feels modern and refreshing with loads of variegated synth layers that amplify the electro aspects of Dead By April’s music style.

“My Heart Is Crushable” continues to follow the modern metal & pop combo even if the later seems to dominate the entire song’s structure with easy to remember chorus and melodies.

“Our Worlds Collide” features smooth electro atmospheres, polished guitar melodies that tend to stay in the background and the expected contrasting vocal deliveries.

Featuring vocalist Tommy Körberg, one of the most respected artists in Sweden, “For Every Step” is an emotional traditional rock ballad that feels distant from the band’s modern music recipe, and nevertheless it is one of the highlights of the album.

Blending modern metal and pop trends Dead By April successfully delivers a super radio friendly collection of songs that might feel not enough metal for many listeners but certainly appeals to a wide audience or a younger crowd.

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