Earth Electric – Vol. 1: Solar

Guitarist Rune Eriksen and vocalist Carmen Simoes, previously members of several bands such as Ava Inferi, are back with the new exciting music project Earth Electric and the debut album entitled “Vol. 1: Solar” features a captivating music blend of classic rock and modern prog metal.

“Mountains & Conquerors (pt2)” has strong guitar driven metal grooves but the vintage flamboyant keyboards layers and the ethereal vocals enrich and mutate the song’s structure to deliver a unique unexpected sonic experience.

“The Endless Road” amplifies the classic rock vibes with sharp guitar riffs and catchy melodies. Carmen’s vocals feel like vibrant enchantments lingering sinuously through hypnotic instrumental layers.

“The Great Vast” has subtle darkened nuances but still holds a strong vintage rock melodic core as guitars and keyboards concoct a highly enjoyable spacey psychedelic jam.

“Solar” features a complex stylish structure with dominant prog influenced guitar melodies and smooth tempo variations surrounded by lighter, yet rather intricate, retro keyboards arrangements and incredibly delicate vocals.

“Sabbatical Moons” delivers intriguing and mysterious melodies as the impressive guitar leads and keyboards continue to channel both darker feelings and warmer 70’s textures.

“Vol. 1: Solar” features a remarkable multifaceted music style with charismatic retro accents and eclectic songwriting that absolutely deserve the listener’s full attention.

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