Doyle – Doyle II: As We Die

Legendary Misfits guitarist Doyle Wolfgang Von Frankenstein returns with a new solo album “Doyle II: As We Die”, a nightmarish crunchy sonic endeavor released after lengthy meticulous work to ensure the best possible music experience.

Featuring guest vocalist Alissa White-Gluz and guitarist Michael Amott of Arch Enemy

“Kiss Me As We Die” is a truly charismatic fast paced catchy ghoulish opener with a winning mix of ominous and thunderous guitar riffs & melodies that reach a spontaneous acme with an enjoyable crispy guitar solo while vocalist Alex Story delivers impressive vocals.

“Beast Like Me” does feel like a beast is ready to be unleashed in the midst of an apparent sonic chaos while the vibrant and elaborate guitar work functions as a horror catalyst creating irresistible savage rhythms.

The first single “Run For Your Life” contains the album’s main recurring elements and the nighttime horror story vibe that fuels Alex’s fierce vocal performance and Doyle’s signature Annihilator guitar super sharp licks.

“Darkside” evokes creepy feelings as monsters might be lurking in the shadows or hiding under the bed. Alex’s vocals diligently follow the dominant horror themes and the explosive wild ride built by loads of chunky guitar riffs that always sound spontaneously fun & groovy.

Featuring guest Randy Blythe of Lamb of God “Virgin Sacrifice” offers powerful devilish screams as it amplifies the cinematic horror vibe keeping constant sinister elements/sounds embedded in the guitar riffs and powerful rhythmic structure.

“Night Of Sin” showcases omnipresent darkened vibes especially in the somber doom tinged breakdown while the main metal core features thick guitar driven grooves that acquire even more catchiness in the chorus.

With “Doyle II: As We Die” Doyle and his talented band have crafted a catchy yet quite aggressive horror metal piece that demands to be played loud and will definitely entertain the audience at live shows.


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