Wednesday 13 – Condolences

Thinking about horror rock/metal Wednesday 13 obviously comes to mind as a prominent figure in that particular genre. Like a spooky resurrection Wednesday 13 is ready to unleash the latest effort “Condolences” and his first release via Nuclear Blast.

”What The Night Brings” reminds the listeners that all kinds of creatures come out at night and introduces the album’s macabre mood with a super creepy concoction of guitar riffs/melodies that deliver a horror heavy rock groove.

On “Blood Sick” old style organ crafts additional gothic atmospheres and vampyric mood while guitars efficiently keep rocking in the background and Wednesday 13 delivers his signature devilish vocals.

“You Breathe, I Kill” packs a raw rhythm with faster pace and deeper menacing vocals while a mandatory overdose of nightmares surrounds the crunchy guitar riffs.

“Cruel To You” is another melodic catchy tune where guitar leads have a more prominent role and a rather fun accessible chorus puts aside the darker side of the album.

“Lonesome Road To Hell” doesn’t really sound evil with a steady punky groove nevertheless there are plenty of easy rock guitar melodies and smooth solo to keep you entertained.

The title track shines for its inner moody mournfulness with graceful gothic tinged atmospheres that feel like walking around cemeteries at night even if it might not be trendy anymore. Vocals acquire an introspective nostalgia and guitar riffs hold an intense darkened groove while an unexpected glamorous melodic solo carries an additional dosage of deep melancholy.

“Condolences” includes 13 songs (cannot be a coincidence) that might need to be taken more seriously than expected as the songwriting is rather simple but the cinematic vintage horror vibes render everything interesting and entertaining.

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