Solstafir – Berdreyminn

Critically acclaimed Icelandic band Solstafir continues to fiercely explore diverse music and emotional territories in the long awaited album “Berdreyminn” which noticeably holds great artistic fervor and surreal creativity.

“Silfur-Refur” shines for the introspective eerie atmospheres created by minimalist guitar melodies, uncontrollable emotions and music are inevitably entwined in the most natural way evoking desolate yet serene landscapes even when guitars acquire crunchy power and darkened nuances.

“Hula” features multidimensional cathartic piano passages that follow a pure desire to go beyond the obvious rock music core in order to achieve an extraordinary sonic intensity. The soft yet grandiose atmospheric arrangements convey an overwhelming melancholy dramatically enhanced by angelic choirs and tormented vocals.

“Nárós” holds the sheer flickering power of dreams as moody guitars shift from slow intricate yet balanced melodies to shimmering catchy riffing leading to a full blown fuzzy rock groove that doesn’t need to be exaggeratedly heavy to impress the audience.

“Dýrafjörður” feels like the eternal battle between light and dark and a deep cold melancholy is always ready to embrace the whole instrumentation. Contemplative vocals, retro fuzzy guitars and melancholic orchestrations contribute to create an impressive array of delightfully fragile harmonies that celebrate the kaleidoscopic beauty of nature.

“Bláfjall” is mournful and dense with cold Nordic beauty and exquisite melancholy embedded in the organ progressions while loads of acidic rock guitar riffs keep steady monumental grooves in a charismatic instrumental crescendo that just seems endless.

It’s not surprising that ignoring standard music boundaries and being eager to shape a unique sonic palette Solstafir continues to attract new listeners worldwide and a majestic album like “Berdreyminn” should not remain confined in the underground scene.

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