Life Of Agony – A Place Where There’s No More Pain

It feels like a long time since we had the pleasure to listen to new songs by Life Of Agony therefore the latest release “A Place Where There’s No More Pain” comes with great expectations and curiosity. Life of Agony has gained a strong cult status in the 90’s metal scene crafting powerful rock grooves and genuinely emotional lyrics and the new album still follows such passionate music pathway.

“Meet My Maker” combines a charismatic blend of hardcore aggressiveness and accessible melodies, especially in the smooth and quite uplifting chorus, guitars can easily deliver plenty of crunchy riffing as well as a highly enjoyable melodic solo with classic rock accents.

“Right This Wrong” starts fierce and rather wild with gritty stomping friendly guitar riffs while Mina Caputo confidently channels 90’s influenced vocal delivery adding a generous dose of honest emotions particularly enhanced in the slower melodic breakdown.

The title track delivers another catchy round of relentless energetic guitar riffs well supported by heavy drumming to ensure immediate high impact but also embellished by subtle inspiring memorable melodies.

“World Gone Mad” has a more raw rocking feeling as cascading guitar riffs build a persistent groove that becomes even more addictive with the extra melodic mood of the chorus while Mina delivers a fervent charismatic vocal performance throughout the song.

“Bag Of Bones” channels the gloomy splendor of iconic Type O Negative and proceeds with irresistible heartfelt melodic crescendo that continues to owe immense strength to Mina’s vocals and creates a series of cathartic moody guitar driven grooves.

“A Place Where There’s No More Pain” feels like a mature and relevant work of music written and executed by a deeply united band that fearlessly shares personal struggles and healing processes with the fans, ultimately this album makes you want to hear more music from Life Of Agony.

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