Medusa1975 – Rising From The Ashes

American band Medusa1975 is ready to take you on a nostalgic rock trip with the latest album “Rising From The Ashes”.

Listening to “Armageddon” you can tell that Medusa1975 has been around since the 70’s as genuine vintage vibes have a dominant role as they embrace every instrumental passage and shape the explosive combo of organ & guitars.

“Fall Of The House Of Usher” feels particularly somber with slower tempo and loads of retro melodic guitars while piano and vocals channel intense melancholic vibes.

“Into The Night” feels like going back in time as catchy organ harmonies lead the way into a realm of organic guitar rock melodies and catchy choruses.

“9 Circles Of Hell” stands out for the heavily darkened eerie vibes with slow piano passages and highly atmospheric arrangements but also features an overdose of proto-metal/hard rock guitar & organ grooves with a distinct retro style.

Those who love true vintage rock will definitely enjoy the sincere songwriting style and the extremely nostalgic sound of “Rising From The Ashes”.


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