Tusmörke – Hinsides

Already popular in their homeland Norwegian band Tusmörke has released the eclectic album “Hinsides” which conceptually deals with macabre themes and stands out for the incredibly diverse embellished melodies.

“Hjemsøkte Hjem” sounds rather happy and uplifting with funky rhythms, psychedelic organ solo and easy recurring melodies but still holds the enchanted forest folk mood enhanced by lovely flutes.

“I Feel Like Midnight” might sound more accessible due to the English lyrics. Flutes and organ again take the spotlight and macabre lyrical themes dominate the psychedelic tinged melodies and rhythm even if the overall music core sounds more surreal than ominous.

Composed in commemoration of the 666th anniversary of the Black Death in Norway “Sankt Sebastians Alter” is not a simple song but rather feels like a lengthy folk operetta even if there are impressive style and tempo variations that tend to deviate from the standard folk themes. Eerie atmospheres and magical flutes skillfully craft epic mournful melodies as the whole instrumentation builds a series of quite heavy dramatic rhythmic crescendo.

“Hinsides” might not be considered an easy piece of music for the masses as the folk galore is often catchy but not always memorable, nevertheless Tusmörke will surprise the audience with a terrific avant-garde creative force.

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