Kobra And The Lotus – Prevail I

Canadian band Kobra And The Lotus fronted by charismatic vocalist Kobra Paige has released the new melodic rock/power metal oriented album “Prevail I” which is supposed to elevate the band’s status and gain a wider audience.

“Gotham” doesn’t really sound like a traditional power metal song even if it begins with epic atmospheres that give way to crunchy guitar driven grooves. Powerful vocals add extra energy to the safe melodic chorus while a more soothing vocal delivery dominates the melancholic breakdown.

“You Don’t Know” is clearly marketed as a radio friendly hit with subtle melodies surrounding the mellow easy chorus that will please everybody but sadly guitars seem to have limited creative space.

“Light Me Up” is your must have rock ballad with emotional atmospheres, polished guitar melodies and passionate vocal delivery in the catchy chorus.

“Victim” attempts to be heavier with a cohesive series of crunchy guitar riffs and other interesting instrumental twists that follow a modern metal approach.

“Check The Phyrg” is an intriguing instrumental track that deviates from the easy melodic power metal recipe and standard mellow moments that dominate the album. This is the only real chance for guitars to take the deserved spotlight with eclectic borderline neoclassical soloing galore that feels organic and well supported by the energetic rhythmic backbone.

“Prevail” channels the glory of traditional power metal with battle-ready choirs, energetic guitar dynamics and particularly strong & loud vocals.

On “Prevail I” every song seems to focus almost exclusively on Kobra Paige’s vocals (which is expected since she is the star of the show) keeping the instrumentation in the background with rare but pleasant lead guitars momentum, nevertheless it’s an easy accessible rock album that targets a younger audience.

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