Replacire – Do Not Deviate

Technical Death Metal from Boston, Massachusetts, but seems to lean more towards the Progressive Death Metal thing. With their second album Replacire have proven to have a nice sound to offer. The album is pretty short, but is loaded with tons of riffs and parts, so you’ll be more than satisfied. Their sound reminds me of the mid-late 90’s period of progressive death metal, but with a cool modern twist.

“Horsestance” is a pretty in your face opener with a lot of really cool riff changes. It also incorporates some really cool clean vocals that have a really cool haunting sound. And as far as the death metal vocals go, well if you like the more of the traditional style then you’ll be in heaven. I’ll admit that it’s my preference!

“Act, Re-enact” opens with an absolutely crushing riff. This band really does the whole Progressive death metal thing quite well. There’s a pretty cool arpeggio lead break in the middle of the song, which kind of gives a little more of a melodic feel to a mostly dissonant and chaotic track. It’s short, sweet ,and to the point.

“Built Upon The Grave Of He Who bands” Really Showcases the bands Technical abilities and their versatility. It cycles through a lot of changes. Probably one of my favorite tracks. There’s a pretty cool solo with some nice phrasing in the middle of the song.

“Spider Song” has some pretty nice groove going on, and again implements some cool clean vocals into the mix. The vocals almost remind me of how Christian Alvestam sounded on the very first Scar Symmetry album.

If you like heavy complex death metal, well…. It’s a no brainer decision. Go check out this album.

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