The Dark Red Seed -Stands With Death

Long-time guitar player for King Dude Tosten Larson has a new project called The Dark Red Seed and the first EP “Stands With Death” includes three intriguing tracks described as ‘a study of death’.

Lyrically “The Antagonist” showcases a complex theme about the death of America. In terms of songwriting Larson delivers an absolute sense of loss through charismatic yet minimalist guitar melodies which feel like distant arcane echoes bearing a dark melancholic aura while vocals evoke a dramatic contemplative state.

“The Tragedy Of Alesund” continues to portray bleak soundscapes surrounded by overwhelming darkness, guitars feature retro bluesy tones as well as more experimental distorted dynamics and the particularly warm vocal delivery enriches the gloomy music textures.

“The Master And The Slave” has a heavier approach with bold guitar driven rhythms that can become rather groovy while a compelling wild guitar solo gives way to a psychedelic jam that gradually turns into a mysterious borderline chaotic experimental finale.

With a hypnotic sonic manifesto “Stands With Death” displays Gothic Americana/dark folk influences and piques the audience’s interest about what The Dark Red Seed will create in the near future.

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