Satyricon – Deep Calleth Upon Deep

Norwegian masters Satyricon are ready to begin a new chapter as our favorite duo, Satyr and Frost, has crafted the new diabolic opus “Deep Calleth Upon Deep” with a charismatic creative force that seems to rise directly from the darkest hidden depths of human soul. During a long and intense music history Satyricon has always challenged black metal traditional boundaries embracing a cathartic sonic evolution that ultimately leads to the confident honest songwriting of “Deep Calleth Upon Deep”.

“Midnight Serpent” features the recognizable blackened energetic dynamics of Satyricon’s signature style. Fervent guitars are capable of crafting the darkest melodies as well as an irresistible groovy rhythmic assault that marches through an absolutely sinister sonic realm inevitably enhanced by enigmatic spiritual atmospheres.

The title track takes you to the cold Nordic wilderness with solemn atmospheric vibes, enticing dark melodic guitars and mesmerizing classical backing vocals that work together harmoniously to create profound mystical melodies.

“The Ghost Of Rome” can be mysterious with a shroud of perennial gloom and gothic nuances surrounding the whole instrumentation yet fierce guitars create a complex crescendo of captivating melodies and intensely blackened riffs while Satyr’s renowned vicious vocal delivery flawlessly matches the majestic dismal mood.

“Dissonant” will definitely impress the listeners with a quite experimental approach that offers eclectic tempo variations and the addition of flamboyant jazzy saxophone to the powerful blackened grooves steadily built by charismatic melodic progressions entwined with harsh guitar tonalities.

“Black Wings And Withering Gloom” drastically amplifies an overwhelming cold darkness with ardent faster guitar riffs and plummeting technical drums that channel a memorable traditional black metal flavor. Without hesitation, Satyricon also delivers more accessible tormented guitar melodies elegantly embellished by classical violins that evoke vivid poetic depth.

Once again, with “Deep Calleth Upon Deep” Satyricon fearlessly reinvents the band’s style exploring music territories beyond the standard black metal category and continues to diverge from the typical rules of such subgenre delivering a passionately refined dark work of music.


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